Delta WASP 3MT

Delta WASP 3MT

With Delta WASP 3MT dreams come true: a multi-tool to give shape to your projects as you want,
opening the doors to personal fabrication. The poweful polymeric pellet extruder can print big
and strong objects in a short time while other tools include the possibility to print ceramic mixes,
concretes and geopolymers and a CNC milling.
All these features make Delta WASP 3MT the big size best choice for rapid prototyping, small
productions, handicraft and research, defining a new standard in the world of manufacturing.




Frame and cover: Aluminium, steel and polycarbonate

Hot pad: Aluminium, tempered glass

Movements: industrial guides on aluminium slides,

Motors: Stepper


Dimensions: 210x235x300 cm

Machine weight: 170 kg SUPPLY

Input: 220-240V 50-60Hz

Absorbed power: 600W max (150W mid) – print + 2000W max – hot pad TEMPERATURE

Use: 10-30 C°

Warehouse: 0-30 C°

Nozzle: max 240 C°



Technology: fabrication with fused polymeric pellets

Print volume : ø 1000mm x 1200mm

Nozzle diameter: 3 mm / interchangeable nozzle

Layer resolution: 0.5 mm < 2 mm

Axis precision X,Y 0.1 mm / axis Z 0.05mm

Speed max: 150 mm/s

Pellet diameter: 2-4 mm

Recommended pellets: PLA, PETG, Polystyrene

SOFTWARE OS: Windows XP-7-8, Mac OSX, Linux

Slicing software: Cura – Slyc3r – Simplify

Interface software: Printrun – Repetier

Host Firmware: Marlin based

File extension: .gcode INTERFACE SD Card – LCD screen – USB B


Technologies: fabrication with selective deposition

Print : ø 1000mm x 1200mm

Nozzle diameter: 5 mm/interchangeable nozzle

Layer resolution: 1 mm < 2 mm

Axis precision X,Y 0.1 mm / axis Z 0.05mm

Speed max: 150 mm/s

Pressure: 4-6 Bar

Materials: Ceramic mixes (racommended paper-clay)

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