Shape Robotics

Shape Robotics

Shape Robotics

The Fable system is composed of three types of modules: Function modules, build modules and extension modules


Joint module

The joint module give the robot its functionality.
Pupils develop a computer program that applies the modules’ functionality to give the robot the desired behaviour. The joint module contain a rechargeable battery and a small computer, and communicate wirelessly with a dongle. The dongle can be linked to a computer via a USB or a tablet via Bluetooth.


Build modules

There’s no electronics in these modules, but they make the system easy to build with.The modules are available in a number of different shapes that mean you can build very simple or very complex robots.


Extension modules

These modules make it possible to combine the system with other systems. For example, a robot can be fitted with a LEGO® hand, a smartphone running Skype, a 3D-printed robot head, or the laser pointer that comes with the product.

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